Al Myra Villas

Almyra Villas is a complex of three luxurious residences in the South of Corfu in Chalikounas. Its name comes from the Greek words als and myra. Als is used to mean salt and myra is an ancient root for its aquatic elements. Consequently, Almyra means the salt of the sea. 5min away from the Andriatic sea and perfectly located in an unspoiled landscape full of olive trees and a mountain as a background, it’s the ideal place to unwind, to get away from the hustle and bustle and to enjoy relaxing moments in nature with your beloved ones. Read more about your safety in private our villas in Corfu.

There are a lot of activities to fill your days in the area. You could simply enjoy a walk in the nature or get bolder and try to do an extreme sport. In both ways you have the chance to spend time outdoors and send all the pressure away.

Almyra Villas offers you a home away from home in a luxurious domain that caters to your every whim. But what happens when you feel the itch to explore more of your surroundings and the desire to engage in unforgettable experiences? Corfu island offers you a lush interior, pristine coastlines, unique rock formations and a romantic capital city. There are endless things to do to keep boredom at bay. Here we have the list of the best summer activities to enjoy in Corfu.

Kanouli is actually a continuation of Halikounas beach in Corfu southwest and it still remains an untouched part of the tourist industry. There are no big hotels in Chalikounas and the area preserves the most natural and authentic character you can find in Corfu.

Almyra Villas, next to Kanouli beach in Chalikounas Corfu, can be compared to the best hotels in Corfu as we offer unparalleled luxury with great value and an experience so much better than just a hotel in Halikounas. Kanouli is the location for some relaxing days by the beach.

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