Crystal Blue Apartments

Crystal Blue is a small multi-level apartment complex in a unique location in Barbati Resort in the Northwest of Corfu which combines the view of the ultimate green mountains and the Ionian blue of the sea. It’s only 30 minutes drive from Corfu Airport and Corfu Port with an organized beautiful beach, full of amenities ideal for romantic couples or families with children that they want to enjoy the peace and quite of a natural environment with modern amenities.

Crystal Blue studios and apartments were strictly designed respecting the local traditional architecture. The complex has been owned and operated for more than 20 years by our family. We do our best our guests to feel the warm Greek hospitality during their stay. Treating and behaving to you with a unique care, as if you were family all these years is our specialty and made us well known.

The mythical island of Corfu became famous worldwide when Odysseus had his last stop shipwrecked before Ithaca according to Homer! Corfu or Kerkyra is the beloved island of many tourists around the world for its breathtaking beauties and unique atmosphere. It is famous for the unique combination of the crystal clear blue of the Ionian Sea and its unique green in its flora, the picturesque Old Corfu Town and its fortresses, the rich music history and the local hospitality that never ceases to amaze.

We welcome you to our beautiful island! The famous Corfu island!

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