Kontokali Bay Resort

Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa continuous to build on its commitment to sustainability, authenticity and genuine hospitality since it first opened its doors in 1971. Nestled on the beach amidst the pine, the cypress trees and beautifully landscaped gardens, Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa features a luxury hotel in Corfu designed to ensure a harmonious integration into the natural surroundings.

Allowing for easy transition between the indoors and outdoors, with optimal recreation and wellness spaces perfectly blending with the environment, we welcome our growing number of environmentally conscious guests to connect with nature and positively enhance their wellbeing. Understanding the values and culture of genuine and sincere hospitality, Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa continues to provide guests with authentic and immersive experiences and personalized services, fostering long lasting relationships that have been nurtured over many years of trust and commitment.

Classed as a 5-star hotel in Corfu, Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa invites guests to indulge in the privacy and serenity of nature, surrounded by the beautiful natural landscape and the sounds of the sea. Offering a wealth of accommodation options, top-notch amenities, recreational and wellness facilities, diverse and delicious dining proposals, innovative services and inspiring experiences, this prominent hotel near Corfu town affords visitors a truly unforgettable stay.

We invite you to bask in the sun by the shimmering waters of the Ionian sea, enjoy a refreshing summer cocktail by the pool and revitalize your senses in the soothing environs of the spa of this wellness spa hotel in Corfu. To savor the art of fine dining, experience the holistic effects of wellness and indulge in fun-filled activities and excursions. To unplug, relax and unwind, connect with nature and live every day to the fullest.

Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa is a laid-back and activity-packed Corfu beach resort inviting guests to soak up the sun and refreshing beach vibes of the Ionian Sea. The resort’s pristine sandy beach has been awarded with the Blue flag, meeting all the standards for a safe and enjoyable swim. Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa is the ultimate Corfu family resort allowing families to spend their day on the beach or by the scintillating waters of the pool with a cocktail in hand, while their kids safely play on the lawn under the imposing cypress trees or splash around the specially designed kids’ pool. Nuzzled in verdant surroundings, this sandy beach resort in Corfu offers an oasis of serenity and calm for hours of pure relaxation and rejuvenation.

Overlooking the indigo Ionian sea, “Asterias” a la carte restaurant is an ode to fine dining. The ethereal ambiance and dreamy natural surroundings perfectly accentuate the culinary proposals signed by Chef d’ hotel Kostas Zervas and his creative team led by Group Executive Chef Spiros Voulismas. With recipes deeply rooted to the Mediterranean gastronomy and twists inspired by current culinary trends, our chef creates epicurean delights, with fresh, locally produced ingredients, that excite the senses, yet retaining the essence of their origin.

Welcome to Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa in Corfu where a world of authentic Corfu experiences awaits.

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