Kormoranos Hotel

Kormoranos Beach Hotel is Acharavi is situated on the northern tip of the Ionian Island of Corfu (Kerkyra). It has long since established itself as one of the top resorts on the North of Corfu and is particularly suited to couples and families. Around 40km from the airport, it takes about an hour to get into Acharavi. The scenery on the journey is stunning as you pass through the mountains and quaint old Greek villages.

Acharavi is a family resort offering everything from the sandy beach for young children and adults alike to the night life that teenagers require. The re-opening of the Corfu trail in the hills behind and above the resort has opened this resort up to walkers. The trail takes you through the shoreline and foothills of Acharavi. Lookout for the blue way markers.

At Kormoranos Beach Hotel, there is always someone you can talk to, who can either help you out or simply advise you on how to best enjoy your holidays. The rooms have a refrigarator and air-conditioning and are a good choice for couples, famillies and those who seek quiet holidays.

Here you can sit back and enjoy your holidays in a peaceful and friendly environment, try out traditional greek cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant and relax on a coctail at the hotel’s Beach Bar. In the hotel’s lobby, you may also watch Satellite TV.

Kormoranos restaurant is open all day and more specifically it really worth’s one visit it in order to enjoy the majestic sunset combined by the qualitative and economic dishes or a refreshing cocktail. In the restaurant will wait for you in the two specifically made areas either for fast food and coffee or for dinner with the special cooked traditional and international dishes.

The view of the sea in combination with the natural landscape they give the suitable calm that the music makes travel in the world of senses. The mid-day campaigns give the occasion for a visit to the beache that surrounds the place.


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