Maltezos Hotel

Hotel Maltezos hosts guests at the beautiful island of Corfu for over 30 years, providing high quality of services and facilities. You can find us at Gouvia village, known for its famous marina and located in the center of the island.

Later, with another 10 rooms and finally in 1986 at the complation of a hotel unit with 26 rooms.   The name of the hotel was a result of the origin of their surname Mikalef. Since then the hotel has hosted guests from all over the world, but mainly English, Norwegian and Dutch.

Ever since the satisfaction of the guests was not only based on the staying at a hotel, since Spyros and his wife Spyridoula took care and continue to take care also for the fun of the customers, knowing how import and it is to relax and have a good time. Since 2015 the hotel has undergone several renovations and having now 22 rooms continues to offer to traveling lovers, the family worth and service of Mikalef family.


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