Paxos Luxury Villas

Paxos Luxury Villas is the Leading Company in Private Villa Rentals on the Island of Paxos. It is run by glorious Greeks with multicultural backgrounds, who have a reputation for being welcoming – their entertaining, fine food, and a wonderful way with children and finally, a true passion for all things of quality.  We can provide almost anything on request in order to fulfil your needs and make your holiday an unforgettable exclusive and bespoke experience.

Paxos Luxury Villas every guest receives a unique service based on their style and taste. Each person has a different summer holiday wish to fulfil and that is exactly what we are here for.  Lifestyle management is our speciality, helping our clients to experience the delight of living a tailormade life while on this beautiful island. We understand the importance of making you feel comfortable and at home, and achieve that by only working with the very best, professional and talented suppliers and staff and being at your disposal.

Paxos Luxury Villas the best things in life are the people we love the places we have been to and the memories we then make along the way. We offer a small but complete and exclusive selection of wonderful villas in order to create those joyful experiences! Take your pick and explore them one by one.

If heaven was a place on earth, then that place would be the Island of Paxos. Far removed from the bustling masses of other, more commercial Greek islands, Paxos is the perfect combination of calm tranquility and vibrant hospitality. This tiny island covered with pencil Cyprus and ancient olives, with secluded beaches, and breathtaking underwater caves, where every vista is a picture.

This petite island may seem unruffled at first glance, but there are an impressive selection of activities you can indulge in while staying here.

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