Restia Suites Exclusive Resort

Restia Suites Exclusive Resort staying at is not just a matter of a room to stay while on holidays. It’s not only about the kind of dinner you will experience. It’s a philosophy of being- as a couple. At Restia you can just be yourself. You have the time and space to reconnect. To rest. To relax. At Restia you feel like you belong. You matter. All aspects of the hotel’s operations revolve around you. From arrival to departure, from breakfast to dinner, all our people are there to assist you in fulfilling your goal. The goal of total relaxation, carefree.

Every minute, every sense, every aroma, all dedicated to you two. Tailor made signature treatments by experienced therapists in an intimate setting just for two. A variety of couples’ therapies designed to rejuvenate mind and body and bring you closer through creating common memories.

Apart from the private pools for those who prefer their privacy, there is a main swimming pool with an outdoor jacuzzi with plenty of sunbeds to choose. Enjoy each other’s company while watching the sun going down and feel free to pick from a variety of personally selected Greek wines, signature cocktails and fancy long drinks whatever suits your mood.

Two restaurants dedicated exclusively to a la carte dining only for the hotel’s guests. Experience unique Greek and Mediterranean dishes designed with extreme care by our chef. This is exactly what Restia Suites prides itself of offering. Pietra poolside restaurant is the center of all gastronomic experiences created by our chef at Restia Suites throughout every day of your stay. A week or two of unpretentious, comfortable, high-quality dining experience totally dedicated exclusively to the hotel’s guests from Breakfast all the way to dinner.

One of the most popular sports is available at Restia Suites. Admittedly one of the best outdoor workouts for two in a court of Olympic dimensions. The fully equipped fitness center will ensure that you will continue your workout routine without having to leave the hotel in an air-conditioned environment.

Relaxation is not a luxury any more. Taking time for yourself is necessary. Enjoying a team of specialists dedicated to reconnecting the mind with the body is refreshing. It’s what we all want from a well deserved break. This is why Restia makes therapies so approachable and integrates them in the overall experience of relaxation in the hotel.

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