Siora Vittoria Boutique Hotel

Siora Vittoria Boutique Hotel was the first in Corfu to welcome guests since 2005 with bags of retro charm and all the modern conveniences for luxurious escapes.

Local character meets luxurious comfort. Blending beautifully with the architecture of Corfu’s Old Town this heritage hotel was restored to its 19th-century splendour by the descendants of its original owner, Loukas Metaxas.

This gorgeous 9 room hotel brings together old school allure with contemporary comfort. The grandeur of its 19th- century building is accentuated with original details and custom made furnishings- enthusiasts will spot Busnelli Adamo armchairs and beds, and flowered filled antique vases. The building’s rich and colourful heritage is as much a trademark of the Siora Vittoria as are its elegant interiors and bespoke hospitality.

Loukas Metaxas’ daughter Victoria was born in 1901 in Corfu. Despite her aristocratic origins and considerable education, she remained modest and unpretentious throughout her long life. She was affectionately called Siora Vittoria –and her name would an aeon later also grace this Venetian-era mansion. Painstakingly renovated as a boutique 4-star hotel, the Metaxas family’s ancestral home is now your gorgeous home-away-from-home in Corfu. Welcome!

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