Stemar Luxury Villas Club

Stemar Luxury Villas Club a paradise on the edge of the Ionian sea, beautiful vistas overlooking the blue sea surrounded by a rich earthy green landscape. We offer you the dream of the Greek Mediterranean summer, within the picturesque little village of the island, Loggos.

Long lazy days under the warm sun, cooling games in the crystal clear seas, afternoon promenades in traditional villages, passionate red sunsets and peaceful nights under starry skies. Paxos was, according to Greek mythology the homeland of Poseidon, God of the Sea.

The Stemar Villas Luxury Club comprise of three Muses luxurious villas built entirely from stone, named, Villa Kleio, Villa Thalia and Villa Erato, a Niriis bungalowa, large manor house with 2 large apartments, named Mara and Konstantina, plus a further stone building comprising of two studio flats named Spiros and Stefanos.

The location has yet to be influenced by tourist needs thus it remains unaltered and original in time capturing the local essence, in effect it is timeless. Luxury and Discretion are the club’s core values, and for this reason it is ranked first place amongst the guests who desire privacy, calmness and solitude.

Large beautiful gardens, private pools, majestic sea views and exceptional service, work together in harmony offering you the perfect vacation, and based in a unique location that offers a plethora of choices to create the holiday you desire.

The Muses represented happiness, serenity, good spirits, knowledge, hospitality, prosperity and celebrations. If this sounds tempting then please contact us, Stemar Villas Luxury Club is always waiting to welcome you to stay. Stemar Luxury Villas Club prides itself in offering combinations of the above to help make your perfect holiday come to life.

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