Cruise Me Up

Welcome aboard “Koryfo”, a handcrafted wooden Trehantiri sail cruiser built by the renowned Mavrikos family in 1985 on the island of Syros. As a distinguished member of the certified heritage vessels of Greece, this classic Greek model boasts elegance, stability, and a full length of 18 meters. The boat is powered by a heavy-duty Baudouin engine and can also be sailed for fair-weather options.

The interior of the “Koryfo” features a single saloon, one bar, and two bathrooms for your comfort. Offering three types of cruises – private, daily, and Cocktail Sunset Cruise – “Koryfo” is sure to shape a magical experience and create unforgettable memories. So come aboard and let us cruise you up!

The Greek word Philoxenia means “friend to a stranger” and is a cultural law expressing generosity and courtesy to strangers. This hospitality has its roots in Ancient Greece where the god Zeus, known as Zeus Xenios, was a protector of travelers. The Phaeacians were expelled from their homeland and settled on the island of Scheria, which according to Thucydides is todays “Koryfo” or Corfu, and their reputation for seamanship has endured through the centuries, symbolized by the emblem of Corfu town, “Apidalos naus”, meaning the ship without a rudder.

We are proud to shape an experience which combines two of the most important features of the Greek civilization, philoxenia, and the love for the sea and is offered to you under the base of quality and joy.

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