The Governor

For over 100 years, the Dafnis Family, produces olive oil on the island of Corfu carefully tending the centenarian “lianolia” variety. The olive oil is processed with low temperatures at the family’s mill based in the historical village of Aghios Mathaios, using the gentlest methods. Knowledge passed lovingly from one generation to the other builds deep olive expertise, which takes a lifetime of learning. This represents the Dafnis Family guarantee for consistently high quality olive oil.

The youngest generation of the family, Spyros & George created their own oleoculture and tradition by starting a revolution on the island’s olive oil production practices. An enthusiastic “revolution” in olive oil production has led to the birth of the multi awarded olive oil The Governor.

First single variety from ancient “lianolia” of Corfu, the proud descentants of Dafnis Family, have driven their own successful route since then “marrying” tradition. The innovate and technology. Produced drop by drop with painstaking care, this first batch of limited edition, early-harvest fresh olive juice is full of concentrated goodness.

By choosing our premium olive oil, you are supporting sustainable agriculture, the environment and a generations old family farm. We cultivate our olive trees using “beyond organic” methods and harvest our olives with great responsibility in order to protect the trees for years to come. Most of our trees are around 500 years old – we take good care of them!

Our innovative milling process combines age-old knowledge with modern techniques. We gently mill and press the oil in optimal cold temperatures to preserve as many of the precious natural phenols as possible and the result is a superior quality olive oil that surpasses any international standards.

Firstly brought on the island of Corfu by the ancient Corinthians around 730 BC, lianolia olive trees exist nowadays exclusively on the island of Corfu. Belonging to the wild category of oleo craneomorpha, it produces olives only once every two years. Due to its large expansion of up to 14 meters wide, the Venetians that occupied Corfu used to plant these olive trees in order to fortify the island from pirate invasions. Due to this reason, Corfu has the only olive tree rainforest in the world.

Visit to the areas of production – processing and standardisation of our olive oil The Governor. Historical details connecting the olive tree and the olive oil with Greece and the Island of Corfu. Exhibition of old techniques and machinery. Guided tour in the olive mill areas, explaining of all stages of processing and extraction of the olive oil. Guided tour through the storing and standardisation areas. Tasting olive oil. Possibility to purchase olive oil products at our exhibition.

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