Vassilakis Distilleries

The company Distillery – Winery Th. Vassilakis & Sons a traditional family-owned Corfiot Company founded in 1960 by Theodore Vassilakis and has as a brand name the “Corfiot Lady”.

The company’s factory manufactures and bottles traditional Kum Quat liqueurs, a wide variety of liqueurs produced with a special procedury and are exclusively available in Vasilakis Distilleries, ouzo as well as several different wine labels. The products of the company include all the traditional sweets such as mandoles mandolato and loukoumi, as well as extra virgin olive oil and a number of other products.

Theodoros Vassilakis today declares a friend of trade and despite having worked over 50 years in the field, he has the same passion and enthusiasm for work and creation as when he started. He believes he knows his work well and does not enriching his knowledge on distillery, wine making, and marketing.

Besides his professional activities, his two grandchildren, who may become successors of his vision, but also his wife, who, although used to be a teacher, dedicated herself to the family business, have a very important role in his life.

The Vasilakis & Sons Distillery – Winery is located in the area Agios Ioannis, Triklino of Corfu. Inside the distillery operates an exhibitional area, where all visitors have the chance to meet, taste and buy all our products. We invite you to visit us and meet the large variety of our products.

For those how wish to taste and buy our products, they can visit Vasilakis Cellar – Bar just opposite of Achillion Palace entrance. In a relaxing and friendly environment, inside a beautifully decorated garden, you will have the chance to enjoy your coffee or drink.

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