Ansa Car Rental

Ansa Car Rental company was founded in 1978 with the dream of providing easy transportation for the inaccessible locations on Corfu Island at that time. Our first and utmost priority is our customers’ satisfaction. All those years we have been driven by our passion and with one goal on our mind, which is to provide high-quality service and a big variety of cars for our customers.

Experience & reliability with more than 4 decades of rental car experience, you are sure to find the best car rental company near you. Our headquarters, centrally located on the island of Corfu, provide delivery services to Corfu airport and port for free.

Our fleet of cars comprises well-maintained vehicles of each category for meeting everyone’s needs. Our affordable pricing is competitive with no hidden charges and extra fees, ensuring you have the service you need.

Fair & transparent car rentals. We focus on making paperwork easier and terms clear and simple for our customers. Our insurance & terms policy are designed to help you have a anxiety-free vacation.

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