Corfu Private Travel

Corfu Private Travel also make up your own private trip with one of our minibuses. Choose how many hours you like, places you want to visit and our English speaking drivers will be with you at all times in order to have an amazing time on our island.

Why wait at the airport in the queue if you can have us waiting for you? Book a private transfer by taxi limouisine for up to 4 people and we will be there before the plane lands. We get you to your villa/apartment or hotel direct after you get your luggage from the airport.

Corfu Private Travel is a private transfer from the airport or port for families and groups over 5 people with our owned Minibuses. Why wait at the queue if you can have us waiting for you at the airport? Express pick up and delivery in front of your villa, hotel or apartment. We are specialized providing professional tranfer services for people with mobility disabilities. We are proud!

Sail from Corfu to the magnificent islands of Paxos and Antipaxos famous for wine and picturesque beaches. Travel into the historical sea caves and admire the beautiful scenery. Don’t forget to take a picture while you are inside the cave!

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