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Hermes Rent a Car operates on the island of Corfu in Greece, since 1963. We are a multi generational business with many loyal customers who return to use our services year after year. With many years of experience in the tourism industry, we will ensure to provide you with the best car rental services in Corfu and personal assistance during your holidays. All our cars are new and available in excellent mechanical condition. Many years of experience having more than 100,000 satisfied customers, Hermes Rent a Car can guarantee that you will receive the best services available. Explore Corfu island with Hermes car rental in Dassia!

Before every rental, we go through cleaning and safety check of all our cars by experienced mechanical engineers. We offer the newest car models in excellent condition and we are always there to assist you, during your stay in Corfu, or even prior to your arrival. We have a range of rental cars (jeeps, open cars, automatic cars, minivans, luxury cars) to suit your needs.

Rent your car from Hermes Car Hire, that guarantees your safety on the road combined. A clean car on time, at the right place. The exact car you booked, nothing else. We are one of the best Car rental companies in Corfu and we are proud of our customer service, prices, and honesty.

Hermes Rent a Car is the first Corfu Car Hire choice by providing high standards of Corfu cars for holiday travelers. Hermes car hire rates are assured to be the most affordable and economical among all major car hire companies located in Corfu, Greece. You can opt to have your vehicle delivered to you, anywhere on the island by experienced personnel. Wherever you are on the island, a map of Corfu and general information about Corfu island to help you get started.

Our friendly staff will deliver your rental car either to the Corfu airport, port or directly to your hotel. Everything about your car will be explained to you in detail, including the traffic rules and common behaviours of other drivers here in Corfu. Directions from Corfu airport to your hotel, to any beautiful beaches and incredible sightseeing destinations will be provided. Prior to booking we are more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have about Corfu car hire. Our staff is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Greece has many wonderful islands to visit. The one I know best is Kerkyra: Corfu. It should be said, however, that Kerkyra is now a heavily touristed island. It’s still wonderful: the town, for example, has Venice-style buildings, a French-built arched arcade where you can sit and sample pastries, and a cricket field, all reflections of Corfu’s history.

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