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Top Cars, Corfu car rental office, was founded in 1980 and for almost 43 years offers high quality car hire services to Corfu visitors. Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable and in excellent condition cars with which they will have the opportunity, driving with comfort and safety, to explore Corfu’s beauties and hidden treasures.

Our competitive prices, reliability, and our customer support combined with our friendly staff, are only a few of the characteristics of our family business, that help lead to strong relationships and the return of customers every year.

Top Cars Corfu Car Hire every year we serve a significant number of visitors who choose to rent a car in Corfu, so as to more easily explore the island. As you will see by your own, we dispose a variety of cars to rent having in mind the different needs of each customer. Read some customer reviews, take a look at the cars we provide you or contact us to learn about our competitive prices for car hire in Corfu. Explore now our different group models for car hire in Corfu and choose the ideal car based on your needs.

Yet, Corfu has far more to offer than just sun, sea and pastitsada (famous local dish). Anyone venturing inland will find that the interior has at least as much to offer as the shore. Much of Corfu is mountainous. At 906 metres above sea level, its highest peak, Mount Pantokrator, is visible from most places on the island.

Of course, when we refer to Greek islands the first and foremost image that takes form in our mind consists of summer leisure instances. Corfu offers indeed more than a bunch of marvellous beaches, varying in size, formation, geology and crowds! They are sorted geographically from south to northwest and then to northeast.

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