Corfu Holidays Direct have a long standing experience in the holiday market. Corfu Holidays Direct have a long standing experience in the holiday market. We offer competitive prices with a very high standard of service that is both reliable and a pleasure to go by.

It is direct experience that has shown us how to offer you the best holiday services. We wish to contribute to the Corfu tourism industry in a professional and productive way setting high standards both for our clients and for ourselves. Direct experience has shown us how to offer you the best holiday services. We have chosen the best of Corfu Island for you to visit, we have organised the most comfortable and informative way of getting you there and we provide the most suitable place for you to stay whilst doing so.

Corfu Island’s key geographical position and natural beauty has made it the envy of many cultures that made it their home here. At Corfu Holidays Direct we want to offer visitors direct experience of this special part of the world.

For a start Corfu Island has a microclimate that ensures its rich green vegetation giving it the name of Emerald or Garden Isle of the Mediterranean. Many species of birds live here and we have as many as 1200 types of wild flowers. Corfu Holidays Direct tours and excursions are also about being witness to such natural beauty.

Corfu Town often surprises visitors with its theatrical Italianesque architecture that testifies to its colonial as well as to its royal past. St Spyridon’s church, the Asian Art museum, the Palace of King George are but some of the highlights not to miss. The peninsula of Kanoni and Mon Repo Palace also attest to Corfu’s ancient past. The Achilleon Palace built by Princess Sissy of Austria can also be included in a central definition of the island as can Keiser’s Throne on top of Pelekas hill. The Achilleion and Kanoni half day tour will give you a good taste of this.

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