We are Sunspots Tourist Enterprises, a Corfiot local agent specializing in all aspects of destination management for individuals, groups, travel agents and international tour operators. We also operate an on-line holiday booking services for individual travellers where all requirements can be pre-booked and confirmed making the arrival in a foreign country very simple for the traveller.

1988 was the first year of operation of the company. The mission of the company was initially to provide a high level of tourist services to the cooperating offices abroad (tour operators) and the expansion of this network. The technological infrastructure of the time, after all, made direct contact with travelers almost impossible. Additional critical factors for the success of the office are still to this day, our people, the work climate and the culture that has developed over time. The camaraderie, responsibility and respect for the traveler and the services provided to him are values ​​that the founders grafted well into the DNA of our company.

In the following years 1990-2015 our family grew, as we expanded our activities by investing in means of transport such as tour buses (4 properties), rental cars (fleet of 200 vehicles), hotels (Aqualand Resort, Katalagari Country Suites) and rental apartments. This verticalization in combination with the healthy core of our business culture did not take long to bring positive results, such as the establishment of long-term partnerships with growing and emerging offices from all over Europe and a little later with dominant market players. Our activity also in the part of organizing scientific conferences was and still is intense.

Our focus throughout our course until 2016, was in the B2B part of the industry, ie acting as a support to the collaborating travel agencies of Europe. The systems we used were structured based on the above orientation, without significant changes, except for individual improvements and automation of certain processes.

2017 was a pivotal year for our company as important strategic decisions were made for our subsequent course. Realizing the vital importance of systems connectivity, as well as brand awareness, we entered a process of change that continues to this day. The specifications of our systems are available in the collaborations section. So our orientation has now changed both in terms of distribution and the product itself.

The rapid increase in the use of social networks of all kinds over the last 10 years has brought about drastic changes in consumer habits worldwide. Facing these new challenges, we are constantly developing new skills and collaborations in order to upgrade the portfolio of products offered but also to create new ones with a focus on quality and diversity.

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